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Meet Heidi

Hi,  I’m Heidi.  I am a child of God just like you! The Bible says, the Lord created you in your mother's womb.  He said, you are perfectly and wonderfully made.  God's love for you is more than you can fathom.


I am excited to share the love of Jesus to his children.  As an evangelist, I have had the privilege to lead bible studies, serve as a youth group leader, and speak at multiple venues sharing the love of Jesus!  Since the inception of Heaven's Child, our team has had great opportunities to share the gospel in local communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.    

I am also a wife to my husband Larry.  We have been married for 23 years and have a beautiful daughter, Alexandra, who loves Jesus and is part of Heaven’s Child.  

My desire is for you to find the freedom and peace Jesus can give you.  Come visit us or contact us to host an event in your area ❤.


Heidi Mongeau

 Founder and Speaker


Sherry Lucia



Team Lead


Ed Lucia


Prayer Team Lead

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